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Thursday, May 26, 2011


The new TV show, Extreme Couponing, has taken the world by storm (I have always wanted to say that, so bear with me in the cheesiness, m'kay?) I have happened to catch a few episodes, and one thing has struck me about this show.
These people are hoarders.
Sure, their hoarding is celebrated by our society's appreciation of "do-it-yourselfness" as well as a sometimes not verbalized desire to stick it to "the man" (or in this case, major corporations...). But a theme that I have heard over and over again on this show is that these people started their stockpiles during times of stress...losing jobs, loss of income, etc. It is almost their drug. Arguably a better drug than, oh, most other pharmaceuticals legal and otherwise...but still.
There was a woman who's stockpile was taking over her house. She had stuff in her kids' closets and the bathroom shower. Just because it is organized neatly, how is this any different than the people who's stuff is all over the place? It is still a way of dealing with anxiety. Would they be able to function without the couponing? What if they were unable to coupon? What would that do to them? Would they be OK, or would they end up in the corner in the fetal position, frantically clinging to the last edition of the Smart Source insert?
I am all for saving money. I am the first to head to the clearance racks, to check the shelves for cuts of meat that have a sell by date of today that have been marked down that I can freeze, to buy the day old bread. But honestly, by the time you use 1,000 tubes of toothpaste, surely some of them will have expired! I even saw an episode where a woman bought medicine that her family did not use because it was on sale and she got it for pennies (if not free). How is that helpful to have it sitting on your shelf? HOW IS THAT NOT HOARDING???

Saturday, May 21, 2011


I figured since the world is gonna end and all I should probably write one final post or whatever. Not that I have anything really profound to say at this point. I am not really sure how I feel about the whole organized religion thing anyways. I tend to identify as a "Recovering Catholic", though that makes me feel as though I should be attending meetings and making amends for past hurts and whatnot. Maybe if this rapture thing does not work out, I have found a new niche for me as a counselor...
Anyways, things are scheduled to start at 6 PM it would appear. I am assuming that Jesus functions on EST or I would have already been hearing about the wailing and gnashing of teeth from different time zones. I really was hoping that it would start a bit sooner, as I kinda have a busy day and if Jesus is going to come back and all, by God, why can't he come back and make my life a little easier? Right, I forgot it is the AFTERLIFE that is supposed to be easy.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


I hold Charlie, with her head resting against my breast. Through heavy eyes, she looks around and focuses on my fingers. She sleepily reaches up and latches onto my index finger, pulling it close to her cheek as her eyes slowly drift downwards. Her other had works over the curly fur of Pink Puppy as she vigorously sucks on her pacifier. She snuggles in even closer to me as the sucking slows down and she drifts off to sleep.
She is completely trusting of me. It never even would occur to her to think that I might not be there to meet her every need. I can't mess up, as long as I give her her bottles when she demands them, smile and talk to her, cuddle her, change her diapers. She is so innocent, and I am entrusted with the care of this perfect human being. What did I ever do to deserve the love and the admiration that my children give me?
Even as they grow older, as they reach the preschool years like Alexis and the teenager years like Elizabeth; even as my flaws do become apparent to my children...they still love me. I am still their mother; I am still one of the most important people in their lives. The role that a mother figure plays in a child's life is huge, whether that be the person who gave birth or the person who raised them. The trust that a child has for this person is one that does not get replicated in any other relationship. It is truly unique.
My hopes for my children, as I sit and hold Charlie a little longer than was probably necessary to get her to fall asleep, are that they know that their mother will always be there for them and that they are able to take the love that I have given them and multiply it in their own lives. I want my children to remain forever innocent like the slumbering babe that I held in my arms, but I know that this will not happen. They will grow up, learn about all of the evil in the world, be hurt and devastated, and yes, even eventually get to the point where they think they might hate me. But the one constant that I can offer them as they navigate through this crazy thing called life is my love and support. I hope they can take that and multiply it in their own lives.
Happy Mother's Day!