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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Random II

I got a Twitter.  I just the other day figured out how to use it and to make sense of all the conversations that were going on and how to follow my sister got one and I want to torture her a little bit on it.  I still don't quite get it though...
@ewepsycho if you are interested.

Charles and I have been together for 10 years now.  It was actually 10 years yesterday, but I am still all marveling at this fact.  I mean, truly, I kinda half expected him to have drank himself to death, being married to me and all...yet I am the one on meds?  Huh.  Now I have a different perspective on this...

It snowed here for like the second time this winter.  OK, maybe the third.  Then tomorrow it is supposed to be warm and melt it all.  (Warm is relative...I am talking like 40* here.)  I think Mother Nature needs some meds herself.  That or humans need to stop creating greenhouse gasses...though then we could not manufacture the stuff needed to make my meds to give me my sanity so I can torture my family for another 10 years.  Fuck.

So the laptop is  working, but only because I installed Linux on it.  Windows was apparently beyond repair.  I can access all my old files, so it is just gonna stay this way for now.  However, I cannot use my wireless mouse with it for some reason and I have to find the cord for the printer because I can't figure out how to use it wirelessly.  The printer I can deal with...however, I HATE the touch pad mouse on this thing.  I hate that it moves my cursor all over the place and several times I have had to stop typing to move it back because my thumbs have brushed against it.  I hate that it is a PITA to try to scroll down a web page.  But mostly, I hate that when something goes wrong with it I have nothing to throw across the room like I did with the other mouse.

 I want to know who came up with the idea of taking a particularly lean meat such as pork and making the heart killer known as bacon.  I mean, I am not complaining or anything...but who thought of this idea?

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