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Wednesday, January 29, 2014


That realization that comes when you don't accurately remember what day of the week it is...that can go one of two ways.

One is the good way.  When you think it is, say, Tuesday, and it is actually Wednesday.  That is so fucking awesome.  That feeling rivals right up there with, like, the birth of my children and winning the lottery. 

One is the terrible, awful, no good, very bad way.  The day when you think it is Thursday, and it is only Wednesday.  Or worse...think it is Friday and it is only Thursday.  If it is, say, Monday and you think it is Friday...well, you should just go back to bed for the week and start anew next week cause you are surely as fucked as a rabbit in a dingo pack.

There are those weeks that go by so slowly that you are positive that you have aged about 50 years during them.  These kind of weeks I like to refer to as "punishment for every thing both me and my ancestors, and my friend's ancestors too, have done wrong".  Then there are weeks that just fly by.  Unfortunately, usually the weekends then fly by too and that leaves you with the terrible, awful, no good, very bad experience I mention above.  This experience is what I refer to as the "oh, you deserve to be happy for a minute but wait what's this you once stole a pencil top eraser when you were 8 from the quiet boy who sat next to you so now you are going to PAY!!!" work week.

The longer I work and am an adult, the more my need to be independently wealthy grows. 

The less likely it is for this to happen as well.  I mean, I am a therapist and work at a mental health agency.  As long as there is #economicviolence it is unlikely I will be independently wealthy. 

I continue to be the rabbit.  Not sure if I want to be a dingo.  Maybe Bugs Bunny, though.  That hare was HAWT.  I mean, he had some serious swag and was able to avoid the hunters.  Usually involved him dressing in drag and appropriating biblical references to mean the opposite of what they were intended to, but really I'm OK with that if it means that the days of the week lose their progressive positivity and all become wonderful, fun moments in time.

Eh, who am I kidding?  I'd be bored out of my mind within a week.  Bring on the Mondays!

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