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Thursday, April 7, 2011


I am going to be without a vehicle soon. Hopefully, the situation is temporary. I am selling my Liberty to my brother and looking for a new ride. If the situation were different, I would totally go for some pimped out Hybrid cause that's how I roll (kinda crunchy, but with consumeristic tastes). Alas, our crushing mountain of debt prevents this, so I will be looking for a vehicle that we can pay cash for. If I don't find something by the end of the weekend that I like that is in my price range, I will have to use my in-laws' Ford Freestyle. This is a bit akin to Faust's deal with the devil. Past experiences have shown me that allowing them to do, well, ANYTHING for us gives them, in their book at least, a free ride to attempt to control every other aspect of our lives. Since I do not live according to that book, the story lines often don't mesh and you are left with a plot similar to that found in The Beast of the Yucca Flats (one hint as to who is the mutated monster in this ain't me, that's fo shure...) So this means that we will have to wheel and deal our very best tomorrow. Ugh. I hate doing this. There is a reason that I am in the social sciences and not sales...I have a too soft heart. Hell, the salesman could probably tell me some sob story about his crippled child needing a major surgery that this commission will pay for and I would buy it. OK, maybe not really as I do desire to get out of debt and I am not that naive...but you get the drift. This is why I am so glad that we are not on the barter system anymore. I would totally get fucked regularly. And not in the good way, unfortunately...

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