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Monday, February 27, 2012


What thoughts must have been going through his head, right before the finger went on the trigger?

What does it take to make someone actively contemplate taking another's life?

What more does it take to make someone act on those contemplations?

How tortured must someone be, to search out people to kill.

How heart-wrenching for the families, friends, survivors, witnesses, staff.

Tragedy all over.  Tonight, sounds of sobbing where there should be a parent being ignored by their teenager.  Sounds of grief, of heartbreak, when there should be sounds of life.

Death, when there should be life.

People will start to point fingers.  Who missed what.  Who should have done what.  It has already started.

The parents will be blamed.  Society in general will be blamed.  Liberals will call for more gun control; conservatives will call for a reversion to the days when corporal punishment was allowable and preferred in school.

Yet...none of this answers that basic question of why.  And what.  And how.

Words escape me at this moment.  It is a parent's worse nightmare.  And so close to home.

Just a trigger pull away. 

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