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Saturday, September 8, 2012


So.  I read the first two books.  And if you have to as me what books, what rock have you crawled out of recently cause seriously...

I never thought that I would see the day where a series that talks about anal fisting, hard limits, and kinky fuckery became so popular.  While I love the fact that the books are exploring alternative, non-traditional sexuality, I was a little disturbed by how they continued to buy into the old tired tropes about relationships:

1.) Older, rich man.  Really?  Can we just perpetuate the myth to women out there that you have to land a man with cash for it to be a desirable relationship. Granted, the age difference is not that great...but really, how many billionaires are there under 30?  Like Mark Zuckerberg.  And....uh....

2.) Virgin woman.  Really?  You are only desirable because of the state of your hymen?  Oh, that is right; Fifty can then shape her into his own personal little sex slave.

3.)  Woman who is unaware of her desirability.  Really?  Of course.  If she knew that she was desirable, she would not have saved herself.  Therefore, she would be undesirable per #2.

4.)  More experienced man sexually.  Really?  This one ties into #2 and #3.  Let's just perpetuate further the idea that women simply exist to serve off I guess for #1.  She can have his money if she serves to please his every sexual whim.

5.)  Woman "saves" man.  Really?  She is going to wash away all of the black on his soul, save him from the horror of his childhood, simply with the power of her love?  Sorry, that kind of shit only exists...well, nowhere.  It is possible to overcome horrible childhoods...I see it every day.  It is not due to a virginal submissive who makes you realize the errors of your controlling ways and how horrible it was that your mom's pedophile friend twisted your view of sexuality as a teenager in a matter of weeks.  Maybe she could help, sure...but the idea that a woman can make a man change and that a guy who is controlling is actually a really nice guy who just wants to make sure that the wittle woman is taken care of (you know, because she would never be able to do it on her own) is actually a pretty worn out one that gets re-packaged pretty nicely in this book.

I guess I should keep in mind the fact that this is supposed to be a fantasy...but I get tired of being told that my fantasy should be the old worn out love story that is hawked to women.  It is a step in the right direction, for sure.  I just wish it did not continue to perpetuate the same old gender based stories that serve to keep women in their place.

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