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Sunday, September 30, 2012


Dear Tomato Bisque Soup,
       I am sorely disappointed.

       I bought you expecting a delightful culinary experience.  The picture on the front of the can advertised a thick, creamy soup resplendent with chunks of tomato.  The label proudly proclaimed, "NOW EVEN BETTER!" and "100% Natural!"  I had high expectations for you, soup, and I am let down.

       What I got instead of a homey, delicious, soul-warming bowl of yumminess is a slightly thickened, over-peppered bowl of tomato juice.  It appeared that the few chunks of tomato that were in it were either an after thought or ones that did not make it through the blender.  There were mysterious specs of some kind of seasoning it it (parsley?  oregano? basil?) but I could not discern what they were due to the overpowering flavor of the pepper.  In fact, at first I could not taste the tomato, the pepper was that strong.  And on second thought, perhaps that was not spice; but rather some kind of "natural" mold.  It has to be good for me, right?  It's all natural...though 'shrooms are all natural too...

       My experience with you, Tomato Bisque Soup, was akin to going to a high end strip club, expecting a visual feast, spending a few bucks, and leaving slightly excited and spent at the same time, but then finding out that the main show is a cross-dressing midget with a beard and his pet sheep.  While that may be some one's cup of tea, it is certainly not mine.

A Sorely Disappointed Soup Lover

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