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Sunday, February 21, 2010


After talking to Elizabeth about a choice that her friend made that was most likely designed to attract male attention:

E: Why are you telling me this Mom?
Me: Ya like how I slid that life lesson in there?
E: Yeah, and I just died a little listening to you.

Me: ....and teenagers are really more like toddlers.
E: So really, that is why Alexis and I fight so much!
Me: Yeah...what are you going to do if we ever have another one?
E: Well, if you have one that is just like Alexis, you will have to pay me $30.
Me: Uh...where the hell did you get that idea from?
E: Well, if you are so sure that it won't happen, you really have nothing to lose by agreeing, don't you?

Alexis, talking to Charles this morning:

A: Daddy, will you dance with me?
C: No, Baby Girl, I have to go.
A: But Daddy, I need you to be my prince!

Charles is getting ready to go outside to fill holes where mice might be getting into the house:

A: Daddy, are you going to stop the squeakers? (mice)
C: Yep.
A: Daddy, are you going to shoot fire at them? (Don't ask, cause I have no idea...)

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