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Sunday, February 28, 2010


Yesterday, Charles and I had to remove the earrings that Alexis had in due to the fact that one of her piercings were starting to get infected. She Fah-REAKED the hell out, but really it was mostly histrionics. I base this statement solely on the fact that she got even more hysterical when Charles would dip the Q-tip into the peroxide than when he would actually, I don't know, TOUCH THE EAR!

After all was said and done, when we put her into bed, she asked Charles about his piercings. Thankfully, she has not noticed the stud through his tongue yet, just the ones in his nipples and his left ear. She was wondering why he only had one ear pierced...and came to the conclusion that he had not let his Mommy put an earring back in his ear and it closed up.

Charles and I were talking about this tonight, and kinda chuckling about it because it was classic Alexis. She is this wonderful combination of stubborn, caring, and mind-numbing insanity shaken, not stirred, with a tad bit of OMG, WHY WON'T YOU JUST BE A NORMAL HUMAN BEING???? I told Charles, "She is such a wonderful combination of sweet and aggravating at the same time and Oh My God...that must be how you feel living with me!" My husband just nodded his head.

I have a whole new appreciation for that man. Because to put it bluntly, my child is difficult. She came out difficult, was a difficult baby and toddler, and remains a difficult preschooler. Her life will not be easy due simply to her difficult-ness, just as mine has not been easy. This simultaneously breaks my heart and brings me great joy. She will never be one to follow the crowd...she will have a mind of her own. But as a parent, we want our children to have an easier life than we did. I fear that she will not...not only does she have my temperament, but she has a mother who will support her in making the very choices that will make her life hard because she knows that the discomfort that will come from not being true to yourself is way greater than the discomfort that comes from other's opinions.

Basically, my thought for the day: Shit. Alexis is fucked. But it will be so worth it for her...

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