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Friday, February 5, 2010


I now know that I am getting older.

How do I know this? It is not because I find today's music insufferable, it is not because I now require Depends (though when I don't keep up with my Kegel's I do leak a tiny bit when laughing, sneezing, or just, I don't know, BREATHING, thanks to my children), it is not due to being completely baffled by all of the new technology or thinking that today's clothes are horrendous. Though skinny jeans still look as retarded now as when they were out in the 80's...

No, I know this because I inwardly cringe when I get a text with poor grammar. I have no problems with posting on my Mommy's board or fertility board and using abbreviations such as DH, KWIM, CM, and FRER. I have even been told that I use a lot that people don't know. I am the Queen of Abbreviations. But to get a text that says, C U l8r! is akin to my grandparent's being horrified by Elvis's gyrating pelvis.

I understand the rationale behind these texts...quicker and easier, etc. But honest to God...fucking call me and speak to me. Don't subject me to the horrors of no capitalization and punctuation and a code that even the Queen of Abbreviations can't decipher. This is my rock and roll, my Elvis, if you will. I can't be the only one!

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