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Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Conversation with Elizabeth:
Me: Hey, you wanna help me make cupcake pops this weekend?
E: Yeah, what shapes are we gonna do?
M: Well, we can do trees, and maybe Santas...
E: And stars! Oh, and we can do ornaments!
M: Yeah, but I am trying to think of what we could use for the hooks...
E: Oh, I was thinking we could use real ones and not tell people. It would be funny when they took a bite of, "Hey, Merry Christmas to you..."

Conversation with Alexis:
M: Good night, Alexis (middle name, last name)
A: My name is not Alexis (MN, LN). It is Alexis Princess!

Yelled from the bathtub this evening, a la my Grandma B (she used to do this with taking us out to McDonald's..."Aren't those kids hungry yet?"):
A: Mommy! Did you tell me 5 more minutes yet?
M: No, not yet.
A: Well, do it! Please? (used the manner words...)

Conversation with my sister while looking at Elizabeth's school pics (she had a very faint bruise on her arm):
Alicia: That is quite the nice bruise you have there, Elizabeth.
M: Yeah, well, she did not listen very well that day...
(Elizabeth was in the middle of taking a huge drink and almost sprayed it all over me.)

Conversation with my dad quite a few years ago, but one that perhaps can explain where I get it all from:
M: Wow, when you close your eyes and rub your eyelids, you see all kinds of different colors!
Dad: Eh, you don't need to rub your eyes to do that. All you need is some PCP...

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