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Saturday, December 12, 2009


I went to a Christmas party with my husband tonight. He said, "Well, I think that you can drink tonight. I will drive." I was all over that like Rush Limbaugh on the whole climate change e-mail "scandal". I get to go to a house with people that I will most likely never see again, eat food that I did not have to cook, and not have to worry about what I drink because I am not driving? I just went and died and gone to heaven, I do declare!

I really did not have expectations for this party, because honestly, a lot of people around here are kinda...well...not to be mean, but have you ever listened to Jeff Foxworthy? So we get to this house, and I walk in, and OMG...I think I had a small orgasm walking into this house, it was THAT tastefully decorated. I seriously considered commissioning this lady right on the spot to decorate our future house that we intend to build, some day when, oh, IDK, we actually get out of debt...

All I have to say is, if my husband expected that by letting me drink a whole bottle of wine he would get lucky tonight, he may have overplayed his hand...the wine alone got me excited, but the house pushed me over the edge and I am spent. He may need to do some scouting for future dates.

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