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Thursday, December 17, 2009


Today was Alexis's very first ever Christmas program at school (yes, actually Christmas. Very rural district, so no one has complained. I will say that I would fully support it if someone did, though...)

Anywho, for those of you who don't know, my daughter is a bit of a drama queen. And when I say a bit I am meaning that like one would when they are saying that the Pope is a bit Catholic, or the Kardashians are a bit irrelevant to, well, anything. Right before the performance, she fell on the playground and got a bit of a boo-boo. However, at the time I thought it was a bit or a boo-boo like one would refer to a head cold as a bit of a virus (you know...mild enough that it does not need treatment besides some babying, more obviously if you are a married man because the world comes to an end when they are sick, but not serious enough to warrant a visit to the doctor). To her, however, it was the end of the world. Like it was a bit of a boo-boo like a horrid outbreak of genital herpes is a bit of a virus (you know, itching and burning and wrecking your love life.) This totally affected her performance. I seriously got the impression watching her that she was clinically depressed. I have never seen such a pathetic performance in my entire life. And of course, me, being the oh-so stellar parent that I am, I laughed silently on the inside at her totally Emo performance. (I actually told my mother tonight that I wanted to make sure that my children only require a decade of therapy or less. That is all I required, though there is some debate as to the efficacy of that therapy...)

Turns out that her bit of a boo-boo was not quite the head cold, but not up to burning genital herpes either. Perhaps a mild stomach bug that requires only one trip to the bathroom, maybe two? I was still so proud of her though...despite perhaps requiring some uppers, she was very cute tonight.

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