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Monday, December 7, 2009


I forgot my flash drive at work. At least I hope I did, because otherwise that means that I lost it. At any rate, I was unable to do any work this evening. For a workaholic like me, that is bad. Very very bad. In fact, I am kinda panicked at the idea of not having my notes done in advance. This is the kind of anxiety that most people have when they think about dying or their finances.

I got to thinking about how pervasive technology has become in our lives. I had two friends talk today about how they lost hours worth of work on their computers due to no fault of their own. I am unable to work due to missing a certain piece of technology. I also freak out when I am unable to access the Internet for my daily fix of the news. IT people have become the people to absolutely include on your daily ass-kissing lists, almost more so than your own boss. They are the new royalty in our society, I believe. Screw the upper class, our worlds would collapse without your office IT guy or gal.

I then realized the truth that is that scene in the movie Office Space, where they take out the fax machine and beat it with baseball bats. I would love to do that to our office printer. I wonder if the escalation in road rage in recent years has anything to do with the fact that these people are leaving offices with malfunctioning office equipment and that is the only way they can take out their rage.

I hereby propose that we need to write into the new health care bill a provision for people to be able to take malfunctioning office equipment into a safe area and beat the hell out of it with bats, nunchuks, crowbars, whatever. I think that this definitely falls under the guise of "preventative care".

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